We provide professional fabrication services that result in the best possible results. Our company works closely to meet the set quality standards, ensuring the safety and strength of the panel boards. With better designs and functionality, Dong-Aye is set to give you reliable and effective panel boards and more.

Dong-Aye Enterprises and Panel Board Fabrication uses top quality materials and follows strict quality assurance – from designing to testing – in its products and services.

We offer high quality products and services. For more information and details, contact us today via phone or email

Dong Aye Fabrication

Dong-Aye Enterprises and Panel Board Fabrication offers high quality products and services that meet the requirements of its clients. Each unit undergoes strict processes and quality assurance to ensure that it is effective, reliable, and of the highest possible quality.

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Ariel D. Galindo (T)+63 2 9906145 / (F)+63 2 9906242 ayek_30@yahoo.com